Guidelines for a PAWsitive experience

  • For the health of the cats, please wash hands and/or use sanitizer before entering the Cat Lounge. We also ask that you remove shoes and place in cubbies or use sanitizing wipes to wipe of the bottoms of your shoes.  Our cats are neat freaks.

  • Please do not wake a sleeping cat. They play hard and need to sleep hard, and we respect that.

  • Please do not pick up the cats. It's much more rewarding when they come to you. If you are interested in getting to know a particular cat better, ask the Cat Lounge Concierge for assistance.

  • The cats will try to convince you that they are allowed to enjoy human treats. They are not. Don't be persuaded by purrs and nose boops. 

  • Please do not let the cats out of the Cat Lounge. They do not need to explore Franklin Street.

  • Please remember this is the cats’ home and we will always have new arrivals who are still adjusting. We want to keep it a low stress environment so please keep voices low and movements calm. Leave the zoomies to the cats.

  • Have fun! Enjoy the cats and their antics, or their snuggles. And feel great knowing you are making a difference in their lives. 



Download the Cat Tales Cat Café waiver here.

Adopt from Our Shelter Partner,
The Goathouse Refuge


Cat Tales Cat Cafe is thrilled to be partnering with The Goathouse Refuge of Pittsboro. They have helped thousands of cats find their perfect home since its inception in 2007. They are a tremendous resource and asset to our community.

The cats that come to the cafe are chosen based on their personalities and temperament. They select the cats they think will do well and be happy in the cafe environment.  Our Cat Lounge is essentially a large foster home for these cats, they never belong to the Cafe.  

When a person is selected by a cat, they can fill out an adoption form provided by the shelter. The Goathouse Refuge then takes over the adoption process. This includes application review, home visit and follow up. Once everything has cleared, the adopter will come to the Cafe to pick up its new family member. The Goathouse receives a $125 adoption fee which helps to cover the costs of getting the cat adoption ready.  All cats at the Cat Lounge are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and have had a final health screening. They are ready to go!

We hope that adopters will share pictures of their cats on our social media pages so we can track the progress of all our graduates.  Check out the hastags #Cattalescatcafe and #Cattaleshappytrails to follow your favorite kittys' stories!

Adopt from the Goathouse Refuge